The sensitive courve

A film by Carrée Lebesque
26 min
Production : Jean-Yves Carrée Lebesque
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Mono
Versions disponibles : VFR


Within the frame-work of the french mission for the year 2000, Jean-Pierre RAYNAUD has created an artistic project for “La Source” (association founded by Gérard GAROUSTE and Christian GOTTI to establish contact in rural districts between artists and children from difficult homes). 2000 young people were involved in this project. Our 26 min. film tells the story of this work; the construction of an open-ended curved wall 3,5m.high, covered with square white tiles(15cm x15cm).836 young people from La Source and Haute-Normandy left their mark on each of these tiles testifying to their involvment.

“ I ‘m giving them the chance to write down their personal sign in a way that will last. In 20 years from now they will still see them.” Jean Pierre RAYNAUD