The life-by preference

A film by Monique Quintart
1 h 12 min
Production : Le P’tit Ciné
Langue : Français
Versions disponibles : VFR

“I asked her: “Myriam, tell me a story”.

She had tears in her eyes. Telling stories is precisely what she loves doing. She is called Myriam Mallié and is one of our best story-tellers.

She started telling me about Gilgamesh, “the man who wouldn’t die” and about his journey to the edge of the world in order to meet Utanapishti, the hero of the Deluge, and obtain from him the secret of never ending life.

I was listening with ears and eyes wide open and I wanted to share some of these moments and above all search what it really means to be a story-teller, for she had led me to the doors of a strange country…

So I decided to film the (re) creation by Myriam of the oldest epic of humanity discovered up to now, from the writing of her adaptation of it and the rehersals with a musician, Marc Galo and a theater producer, Jacques Bury, and… the sculptures of Hanneke Beaumont, right up o the first public performance.”