Perpetua 664

A film by Claudia Neubern
1 h 19 min
Production : Iskra - 108 productions
Langue : Portugais
Image : Couleur
Son : Stéréo
Format : Digital Betacam, 16 mm, Betacam SP, U’Matic, Vimeo, Fichier numérique, Bluray, DCP, 35 mm
Négatif : Neyrac
Versions disponibles : VFR, VENG, VPOR

Six years after I left my country, Brazil, I was sent an old sound reel in the post and I discovered a recording of my parent’s wedding ceremony. I was twenty six. It was the first time I’d ever heard my mother’s voice as she died when I was a year old. I was terribly moved and I decided to go to Brazil…