HUMAN benefit

A film by Anne Kunvari
52 min
Production : ISKRA- LA CINQUIEME -
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Mono
Format : Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Vimeo, Fichier numérique, Bluray
Versions disponibles : VFR

18 months in the life of a small printing house, ALPE, whose aim is social integration. The boss Françoise employs people who’ve been turned down everywhere else. Françoise believes nobody is unemployable and she wants her company profits to be humanitarian, even if this means less financial returns. Can this new attitude in business work?

Philippe, Cécile, Dominique and everyone else are on the ground floor, in the workroom. After years of struggling on the fringes of society, they discover work again with ALPE, a regular pay slip and hope...They’re working to build a life for themselves. Are they going to make it ?