Dream Country

A film by Jihane Chouaib
1 h 23 min
Langue : Français
Son : Stéréo
Format : Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Vimeo, Fichier numérique, Bluray, DCP, HDCAM
Versions disponibles : VFR, VENG

How do you «come home» when everything has changed, when you’ve spent your life somewhere else, when you’ve become «other?» Lebanese from abroad, children of the war, four artists share a journey to the dream country. Nada Chouaib, Patric Chiha et Katia Jarjoura travel the length and breadth of Lebanon; Wajdi Mouawad decides to stay «outside», making his way through words. An inner adventure through memories, fantasies and emotions in a bid to grasp what constructed us as persons, and to conquer the freedom to re-invent our identities.